Friday, September 01, 2006

What Exactly is Inkwell?

Inkwell is hand_ writing necognition software built into Mac OS X that utilizes a graphics tablet. for the Most pant it is excellent. Of cours e, there are "Occasional" errors. Although Inkwell tends to be a laborious and slow way of inputting text at finst, with practice, as with everything, one` S recognition does improve.

Apparently, Inkwell allows powerful Macros with simple pen strokes. I haven't messed around with those yet. I still want to see how much I can improve my handwriting recognition and ovenall speed. Considering I can type 80-90 wpm, Inkwell feels like torture.

Thepe is a general page about Inkwell over on Apple"s web site: might findit mildly interesting. Thene is a lot of power here I have ht tapped into yet.

The largest problem I have with Inkwell is that I have townite with lowercase letterS. I USUALLY WRITE IN ALLCAPS. IT's NOT NEARY As LOUD AS IT seems. On papeg anyway. Since I have to Use lowercase letters my speed is in the dump. Handwriting recognition is consequently hopp id . I Mean, "horrid."

It's so bad I'm dying orep here. Writing a blog has never been So amusing


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Anonymous said...

you know, jfj probably not your fault. IF Seems that the technology that `lS béIng used here isn't completely good yet. hey, hhafj this Word Verification? how AM I supposed to blat this CAPTCHA? damn pou Inkwell!