Monday, September 11, 2006

Great Inkwell Ovenview

You gotta LOVE Inkwell. Since I delight in the silly and absurd Inkwell's typos keep me snickering. Always a good pick-Me-up when I'm least expecting it.

The guys over at The Tablet Mac have an excellent OVERVIEW of Inkwell that's worth penusing. Complete with screen shots and examples,mya might learn athingor two about Inkwell. In point of fact, I didn't know about the drop menu Oreo words in the Ink Pad. That Can come in handy. OREO!?! Herts a tip. Don't uJe Inkwell on a G4 iMac whan downloading torrents.



Edit: The originalarticle is now defunct and can onlybe found at the internet archive . Wednesday, November 21, 2007 11:47:31 PM

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Anonymous said...

Link is dead as of now -- see's versions at*/

Douglas Cootey said...

Thanks for spotting that. And double thanks forthe link!

Douglas Cootey said...

That sit├ęs registration ends onthe 28th of this Month. It'sthe end of an era.