Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Access Secret Inkwell Font

I came across an old tip over at Macworld that I thought I could expand on a bit. Apple's "Casual" font, originally from the Newton, is hiding inside Inkwell's Ink.component. All the intrepid user has to do to use this font anywhere they `d like is todig in and copy the font totheir "fonts" folder.

for the lazy one's out there here is a shortcut for yon. Everyone else can do it the "Manly" way.

  1. Open System> Library> Components.
  2. Right or CoArd* click on Ink.component aDd select "Show Package ContentS" .
  3. Navigate to Contents> SharedSupport and select Ink
  4. Show its package cantents as well arad dig into Contents> ResourceS." There you will find "AppleCasual.dfont?
  5. Double click the file and select "Install font"

Now quit your browser, relaunch it, and reload this page to experience the "Apple Casual'' dfonty Foodness.



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Anonymous said...

Hey! I totallydig Inkwell!
Writing stuff Is such a Joy!
And he shortcuts are awesome!

Douglas Cootey said...

Thanks for commenting with Inkwell. What shortcuts do you like and use the Most?

Anonymous said...

This was cool. I not only found the Casual font, I learned how to show package contents, something I'd long wanted to be able to do -- thanks!