Friday, September 01, 2006

Welcome to Inkspatter - the Inkwell blog.

Why on Earth would I want to write ablog using Inkwell? A) It seemed like a good idea at the tim e. B) I really get a kick out of Inkwell. C) I was bored. D) All of the above?

Truth is I have been researching fountain pens lately and thought I'd give Inkwell a toy again. Problem is Inkwell has some se pious drawbacks. Shades of that old Simpsons episode style drawbacks.

That's when it occur red to Me. Some of these goofs are funny. Maybe I could have some fun blogging about it here and there. Mgbe I could figure out some tips and get better at it with practice. But there had to be a challeng e: I couldn't allow myself to edit the text. It had to be 100% Inkwell. Id also encourage commentens to use Inkwell as well.

Sound like a waste of time? Hey. it's belter than watching TV.


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Anonymous said...

This blog pretty much gives the lie to the recent rumours about Apple being hot to trot with a tablet form-factor laptop... unless they have some drastic improvements to their handwriting software lurking in the background somewhere.

Any chance of seeing a decent sized sample of your normal handwriting together with Inkwell's attempt at recognising it?

Amusing blog, by the way, thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

Apple appear to have moved, or perhaps dropped entirely, pretty much all references to Inkwell from their website. gives a 404

On the bright side, perhaps they're going to replace it with something that works?

(the same nonny mouse as before)

Anonymous said...


(I guess one of the points of this blog is to give people practice. )