Monday, September 11, 2006

Remembering Our Fellow Compatriots on 9/11 without Hate

I had just turned CNN on for my morning news fix when the story broke live. I sat transfixed for hours as the news rolled in. The birth of my fourth daughter was punctuated by continual news coverage. The twin towers had fallen and our world was forever changed.

As an independant I watch with no small amount of disgust as many Democrats jockey for power by trivializing and politicizing the events of 9/11. And although I lean conservative I do not believe that many Republicans would act any better if they were the ones out of power. I remember the days of Monica very clearly.

So whatever your party may be, please honor the deaths of our compatriots with dignity and grace, not vitriol and venom. 2996 people lost their lives five years ago today because of the politics of a relatively small group of radicals. Just for today can we rein in the hate in our own political debates? This isn't about us and our political needs. This is about the victims and their families.

Let's send a message to the world that although we are a people with differing opinions we are still united in resolution: We will not forget.

(I edited typos on this article. I updated this article with the home movie footage. Gripping. Traumatizing.)


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