Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Inkwell Rumors Grow Cold

I took a break from work and poked about the riamorm* sites for a while. I was looking for juicy yet outlandish speculation about Inkwell tech in 0BX 10.5 and came up empty. Any -ramonmongering being done was history ages ago.

Most rumors pegged Inkwell as proof Ot the fabled Mac Tablet to the exclusion of all other ideas. This crypotechnological beast has been lurking aad skulking around forums and fan sites since the dawn of OS X - fueled solely by the presense oq Inkwell. Obviously, Inkwell's Newton pedigree adds a lot of fuel to that fire. However, until the charmed tablet beastie stops prancing about with unicorns Inkwell is All that is here with us today.

So what does Apple have in store for Inkwell 'S future? The bones are silent I'm afraid. So aren't the tea leaves. However, I've consulted with an oracle and she assures me that an update is imminent. At least that's what she said last March. Who knows what she divines now.


*Rumor Sites

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