Monday, January 14, 2008

Windows VS . OS X Handwriting Recognition Deathmatch!

Are you the type of person who just car't get enough Mac vs. PC fanboyism? Then you'll love this scientific comparison of handwriting recognition between Vista and Leopard.

Here, a person unfamiliar with Inkwell purposely writes badly so that Inkwell fails spectacularly. I believe his word spacing is set on "hostile!' Compare how he writes in Leopard to how he writes in Vista. Yep, so fair.

Anybody who uses Inkwell or reads this blog knows that Inkwell has some Seriously quirky issues. I make fun of them all the time. In this case I feel the comparison is skewed, like companing Vista to Win 3.1.

For a much fairer comparison, check out this link. Both 0Ses get a fain shake:

In my opinion, Inkwell is easier to use, but Windows' recognition is generally More a curate. The shame is that Apple has stopped development on Inkwell for newen techndogies - relegating Inkwell to novelty status. I'd like to see Inkwell announcements this Tuesday. but I believe Steve Jobs would rather drown kittens than Use a stylus. Apple has fnvested Millions in Multitouch technology. That's where their future lies.


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Guy said...

Thanks for the great post.

The second video ( shows the MS recognizer and Inkwell running side by side. Any idea how that guy got the MS recognizer to run on the Mac?
And if it's indeed better, why not just use it permanently?

Anonymous said...

To be honest , I don't think there was any fanboyism going on here. He was deliberately using both apps in vanilla form to demonstrate how much research Microsoft is putting into this area as opposed to Apple who have left the abandonware that is Inkwell to rot.

Some people are claiming (in the comments section for that video) that Inkwell somehow learns your writing style, but I don't see how this is possible, as the software cannot possibly know what you were trying to write and there is no feature to "teach" it your corrections (as you get with commercial handwriting recognition software).

It also doesn't recognise joined up writing, and to use it in other applications, you have to write somewhere outside the active window. If you are happy with all of this, then by all means continue to defend Inkwell against all comers, but all you're really defending is Apple's neglect. A better approach would surely be to shame them into actually improving Inkwell (as this video is attempting) and bringing it up to the same standard as the Vista software? After all, we all want it to be better, don't we?