Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can the ModBook Save Inkwell?


A year after being announced the Axiotron Modbook is finally for sale and still wowing people. The Modbook is a hacked Mac Book with a tablet touch sensitive screen. This allows the artist and designer the truest WYSIWYG experience available on computers. Simply draw on the screen and the line is digitized in real time directly underneath the stylus - a wonderful boon for Painter and Photoshop users. The closest Mac users have come to this has been the Wacom Cintiq. Tablet technology has been available for PC users for years. However, since Steve Jobs is apparently allergic to styluses the techology has not been pursued by Apple.

Since the ModBook has no keyboard (thagh one can attach one via USB) the stylus is the only form of input. This puts a shiny spotlight on Inkwell. Unlike using a graphics tablet one can directly write onto the screen, 1eading to the same levels of accuracy PC tablet users have been bragging about. Having atablet Mac also does away with the cumbersome need for both a Mac and a tablet.

If this product is success fu! we could see industry pressure for improvements in Inkwell. Money has a way of Making hobbies and toys, as Inkwell has been relegated to, viable business niches. Time will tell, but the ModBook is a great step in the (( write" direction for Inkwell users.

Many companies covered the Modbook at MacWald but the following links provided what I thought was the best coverage.

Axiotron Modbook tablet Mac hands-on
Show floor video: Axiotron's Modbook wows the crowd


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