Monday, August 13, 2007

Signing Your Email with Skitch

Almost a year ago, I wrote about signing email using Inkwell's doodling pad. The big hang up for this method was that the Ink window saved the sigs in tiff format. Not an issue for Mac usens, but a big issue for PC users who would onlyseethe sig as an attachment and as a non_ Windows standard graphic at that.

So what to do? Well, hacking 0SX wasn't feasible. There was no way I could find to change Inkwell's prefs to save as GIF or JPG. I could paste the sig into Photoshop and save it in a better format, but who wants to bother withthat? No simple solutions.

Then I discovered Skitch! I was lucky enough to Scone a beta invite. Now I can't imagine living without if.

Here's how you put Skitch and your tablet to use for signing emails:

  1. Make a template blank and save for later.

  2. Wipe the template, scrawl your signature, and drag the sig into your email.

  3. Enjoy your snazzy hand-signed email.

So there yOU are. Not an Inkwell specific tip, but a useful one nonetheless. Old school meets new school thanks to the Convenience of Skitch.


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Anonymous said...

The problem with Skitch is that it lags just enough to be ineffective.

D. Cootey said...

Not sure what system you are on, but SK itch is OK on my Mac Mini.

Inkwell sure is buggy under 10.6.3

I'm being forced to work out of the ink pad. "Write anywhere" is crashing my system.