Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Amazing Inkwell Accuracy Tip: Take Time to Turbo Calibrate Word Spacing

To get the most out of Inkwell one must take time to personalize if. Or learn how to write neater. I'll take a wild guess here that personalizing it will be easier for Most of you.

Unfortunately, there is no way to train Inkwell to recognize your sorry excuse for hand writing (hey. how Many of us write neat without looking?), but there is a way to get Inkwell to stop runningallyourwords together. You need to tweak the word spacing slider. You will find it in the "Settings" tab of the Inkwell preferences pane. You may have experimented with it before buH not known how best to adjust it. Here's a simple way to optimize this setting:

Open up the Ink window and choose a phrase not usually prone to recognition errors to write for our test. I chose "Never pat a dog on fire." Now write that phrase using the default setting. Then repeat again using closely spaced and widely spaced settings. Your results should look something like this:

Notice how much better the "closely spaced" setting worked for me? After experimentation, I chose a spot somewhere to the right of "closely spaced."

Feel free to tweak. You'll eventually find your optimal setling.


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Zoltan Kunyik said...

Hi Douglas, I find a useful tips on your site, my post isn't a review right now, only a question to all of you
who using tablets with inkwell.
I'm intending to purchase a tablet from wacom, but
I couldn't find in several forums how is this really works?
I want to work with in adobe CS 2 applications, mostly Illustrator and Phototshop , iWork, drawing softwares like Artrage 2 or Archicad.Is that going to work in these things with inkwell or just only I can use it to work with additional softwares which comes
with wacom graphire tablet?If this topic is appropriate for your blog, I will apreciate some advice, might will lead me to write experiences.

Douglas Cootey said...

Hey there, Zoltan! Thanks for commenting.

Inkwell is a software application built into OSX. Therefore you can choose to use it with whatever application you choose.

There are two modes for Inkwell. The first is a "write anywhere" mode that is incompatible with graphics programs because it shanghais tablet input for character recognition, but is handy when you are doing word processing. The second mode is "inkpad" mode. This isolates character/word recognition to only what you write into the inkpad. In this mode, the stylus works just like a mouse for all applications. Only when you write into the Inkpad will Inkwell begin to transcribe what you write.

Hope that answered your questions.

Zoltan Kunyik said...

Hi Douglas, thanks for the fast response I got it.
Just for explanation what was confusing me the thing
what I found on Wacom site, the Graphire hasn't but the Intuos has on the right menu the "tablet enchanced software" option, that was confusing to me.My first choice will be the 6x8 bluetooth one,
I'm looking forward to visit your site in the future
and thanks for the help, Zoltan