Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Apple Abandons Inkwell?

BulletpointAs a readen kindly pointed out to me, Apple has removed their Inkwell page from their site.

The Inkwell Page now brings up a "Page not found" error. A searchfor "Inkwell" brings up only one hit: Leopard - Technical Specs

That's right, Inkers. Inkwell is now simply a bullet point in a long listof "Keg Technologies" Now, before you panic, there are some heavy hitters inthat list. Manyofthese technologies are not going anywhere.

Still, considering that the page is removed, the iPhone's stylus free interface is a success, and that Inkwell works worse inLeopard than Tiger (more on that later). I think it is safe to say that Steve Jobs' evil plan to erase the Newton from exis fence is coming to fruition. Hide the tablets! Steve's got an axe!!


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Anonymous said...

I fund your blog today and I love if. I'Ve kd a Bamboo W a week and I think cf's a lot of fn.

P.S. I wrote this using Inkwell :)

Clever little fool said...

So what i S your take on the rumours that Apple will bring out a tablet tnis Year?


Douglas Cootey said...

I think it's close but, no cigar.

Apple isn't comingout with a tablet. The stylusis dead. Instead, we'll see a sub_ compact notebook with flash HDs and a multitouch interface.

Anonymous said... apple tablet
im writing this on one right now.
its super fast and the strongest tablet out right now. go mac!

tomasio said...

[1st attempt] I jas t tated Gkwe Us tlm stambled upon your 6 cg -

[2nd] Hi.- justtestedJukwed

[gave up and typed via keyboard]
Hi. I just tested Inkwell and stumbled upon your site. As far as I have tried to write with it, its more a gimmick than a utility. The Letter recognition is very poor, it does not recognize words written in latin, no matter how I adjust Inkwell.

Reminds me on the PDA-Prototype 'Newton' which was similar in each striving for being a functional noteblock.

I am sparing my free time for sth. else than fooling around with this and advise everybody else to do so ; )

daniela said...

It is included on the tech spec page for Snow Leopard, so I guess they are not abandoning it … yet.

Anonymous said...

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